“Be unique to be the choice not the alternative”

- Arc-InK -

What we are

Arc-InK is an italian agency of Architecture and Design.

Arc-InK is the contemporary evolution of italian excellence and, through its expertise, it is committed to recognize the right value to the aesthetic taste and the personality of each one giving back something unique.


“It is not enough to appearUnique.You have to prove yourUniqueness.”

– Arc-InK –


Architecture is the way to make touchable something only you have in your mind.

For this reason, style and technic daily meet in Arc-InK in order to make real an artistic desire.

Thanks to the passion for the constant search of elegance and uniqueness, Arc-InK develops each project taking care of the smallest handcrafted detail, joining the most professional and traditional italian companies and letting the customer enjoy the most exclusive experience of his life.

It means excellence. It means to stay ahead. It means Arc-InK.


Let's share Arc-InK’s creations

Arc-InK’s ...why?


The Artwork needs a look to the tradition to exist.

Our wise knowledge and experience of the past mixed with our creativity, allows us to give timeless characters to everything we touch.


We have a passion for research and updating.

Thanks to this passion we have fully openminds and we experience everything we see.

Research is the origin of success.


Quality is a mix of talent and technical professionality.

The global vision of the project is the first primary meaning of Quality.


The italian agency, the passion for luxury and elegance, the excellent management, the constant renovation, the exclusive creations, gives you Uniqueness.

“There are design companies and there’s the Arc-InK’s experience.Because there’s no other way to call it”

- Lucamaria Rizzello. Architect & Founder -


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Customers become friends


Projects developed



"Use yourself as inspiration.Anything else".